Mid Season Break

4 festivals done and only 3 more performances to go.

Foster was great as usual. This year we took our Youth actors to compete in the Youth section of the festival and, once again, they performed The Sack with considerable aplomb. Young Laura won Best Actress and we are all very proud of her.

Foster was definitely the place to be this year. The Sunday session was a non stop procession of great plays and great performances. Seriously, you should have been there. It was fantastic.

Came home empty handed for the first time in ages, but we don't really mind. The audience seemed to enjoy our shows and the competition was really hot. Well done to Impact Theatre for their breakthrough win.

Almost no break and over the other side of the bay to Anglesea. I'll be honest, it's a challenging space to work in - lucky they make up for it by being so nice to hang around with. Personally I was very ill this weekend and so if I wasn't on stage I was sleeping so I could be on stage so I'm afraid I can't help you with what was good or not, but Helen won an Adjudicator's encouragement award for her work in Locked so well done her. I was nominated for Best Actor - but it was kind of a blur. I was able to keep up to certain extent through the #AOAPF tag on twitter. First festival that I can remember doing that and I think there should be more of it. Let's try and build on that.

Now we can rest and recover a bit before heading to Kyneton in the first weekend of September for the Daffodil festival that also has One Act Plays. I have done the research and I am apparently 10035 in line for the throne of the Daffodil King. Soon my friends. Soon.