PCT had a very successful weekend at the Kyneton One Act Play Festival. Another fantastic weekend performing with and meeting old and new friends. We really liked the insight and feedback provided by first time adjudicator John Flaus. I hope he is able to step into that role again. He was very generous with his time and knew plenty about story telling, performance and writing.

It also helps that he picked us for some major awards.

Hopping the Bags was awarded Best Production. Thanks to all of this very large team that helped put this on the stage. As one of the cast I am humbled by how much assistance we have had in making this happen.

John Jennings won Best Director for Locked. Mr Flaus said this production "filled his eye" better than anything else over the weekend. There really is more to direction than motivations and blocking. Making a coherent picture for the audience is one of JJ's great strengths.

Bruce Hardie won Best Actor for Kill a Better Mousetrap. Managing the high wire act that is the role of Merbinau and apparently also catching the adjudicator's eye with his performance in Hopping the Bags.

We are all feeling very happy and excited about the last festival of the year at Mount Waverley.