Mount Players 2014

We made our debut appearance at the Mount Players Festival this weekend. We've been trying to get there for a few years now, but it has always clashed with Gemco.

Until now!

The change in dates meant we were finally able to join in and boy are we glad we did. It is a great theatre and a great group running the festival. We are definitely coming back again.

Despite 5 of the 7 cast members of our 3 plays being unwell, ranging from "a bit" to "very sick indeed", we were able to put on some good performances which the audience seemed to enjoy as much as we enjoyed performing them.

This time, our President didn't forget his lines and was fortunate enough to win Best Actor. Hopping the Bags was also the winner of Best Original Script. To be recognised in such a high quality field was a great result. 

We have a weekend off now before heading to Foster in 2 weeks.


Total KM traveled so far for festivals - 306