And we’re off! The 2015 Festival Circuit has officially begun, as always, with the Dandenong Ranges One Act Play Festival. It finished mere hours ago, but we couldn’t wait to report on how much fun we had throughout the weekend.

So many great plays on display from around Victoria – and we don’t even mean our own! One of the great things about going to the festivals is getting to see so much amazing talent. From a social commentary on the homeless to a creepy painting that comes to life, to a crazy wedding reception, to the creation of ‘Waltzing Matilda’, we were taken to so many new worlds without leaving our chairs in Emerald. How was Adjudicator Richard Keown able to choose any winners out of so much great theatre?

By giving a few awards to PCT, of course! And the results are:

Best Drama – “This Almost Joy”
Best Male Actor – Bruce Hardie (“This Almost Joy”)

Best Production – “This Almost Joy”, “Birthin’ Baby” and “Yellow”
Best Director – Aron Toman (“This Almost Joy”) and John Jennings (“Birthin’ Baby”)
Best Comedy – “Birthin’ Baby” and “Yellow”
Best Ensemble – “Birthin’ Baby”
Best Original – “Birthin’ Baby” and “Yellow”
Best Female Actor – Imogen Martin (“Birthin’ Baby”) and Kaity Russell (“Yellow”)
Best Supporting Female Actor – Imogen Martin (“This Almost Joy”)
Best Supporting Male Actor – Brett Hyland (“Yellow”)
Best Youth Actor – Laura Marmion (“Birthin’ Baby”)
People’s Choice (Runner Up) – “This Almost Joy”

Laura Marmion, for her enormous talent in singing the Baby Poo song in “Birthin’ Baby”
And the AC/DC award to “Birthin’ Baby” and “Yellow” as they could not make up their minds if they were a comedy, farce or drama.

And a special award was presented to Kaity Russell for her assistance to the Gemco Front of House team. Hope you like your cactus!

One festival down, four more to go. Hope you can all join us next weekend as we trek up to Macedon for the Mt Players One Act Play Festival. Bring your winter woollies!


Due to a bit of miscommunication between us, the playwright and Gemco, it turns out This Almost Joy was not actually eligible for Best Original Script. We are therefore handing it straight back to the Gemco committee and I am sure they will be in touch with the actual winner shortly. Apologies for the mixup and congrats to whichever company will get another trophy.