Our third festival of the season is over – and as always, the people of Foster put on a splendid One Act Play weekend with a range of great plays to see. Unfortunately, due to a sudden emergency, “This Almost Joy” had to withdraw from the festival, to the great dismay of many. But our other plays were more than up to the challenge of wowing South Gippsland with some great theatre!

Most Outstanding Youth Production: “One Word Macbeth”
Runner-Up Most Outstanding Production: “Birthin’ Baby”
Most Outstanding Female Lead Actor: Imogen Martin (“Birthin’ Baby”)
Most Outstanding Male Lead Actor: Brett Hyland (“Yellow”)

Most Outstanding Production: “Yellow”
Most Outstanding Director: John Jennings (“Birthin’ Baby”) and Camm Williams (“Yellow”)
Most Outstanding Female Lead Actor: Kaity Russell (“Yellow”)
Most Outstanding Support Actor (Male): Alexander Mavor-Rauschl (“Birthin’ Baby”)
Most Outstanding Support Actor (Female): Kaity Russell (“Birthin’ Baby”)

Congratulations to everyone, and thank you to Adjudicator Max Rackham and FAMDA for another wonderful festival. Now we at PCT are taking a few weeks off to rest and recover. Make sure you join us the first weekend in September when PCT goes to Kyneton!