Foster 2013


An amazing weekend at Foster as always. Foster seems to be the festival that the most amount of mixing between groups is really done. 

It may have to do with the unique seating arrangements that they have, which is long trestle tables set up at the front, with each companies name displayed, so you know who is at what table and it makes it easier to identify groups, so you know who to go and see 

when you want to compliment them, or ask questions or indeed both.
All I know is that performing at Foster is always an absolute joy, an audience that just wants to have a good time, they want everyone to succeed and the noise of audience at times is deafening, the applause at the start just lifts all the performers, the a laughs during the performance if you are doing a comedy are just amazing and during dramas you can just feel them all watching with intensity and taking every thing in.
Unless you have performed at the Foster One Act Play Festival you won't quite understand fully, but if you could always perform to that crowed, you would.
It was great to see the members and performances of Hartwell, Peridot, Warrandyte, FAMDA and all the usual suspects. 
The best part though was to see the first performance of a new group ARK.
The curtain opened on a simple but amazing set that set the scene perfectly. (I don't have a copy of the program with me, so please excuse my non use of names). The two actors were very well cast, gave good strong performances.
This was their first performance and all I can say, I cannot wait to see them get more and more experience. This is definitely a group to keep an eye on go forward, (and there were times that they were giving PCT a run for our money on the yelling and cheering, and we loved it)
We now have a little break, before we hit Kyenton Festival. 
Coming soon, information on our showcase performances, what we can tell you at the moment is that it will be Saturday October 5 at the Knox Community Arts Centre in Bayswater.
Stay tuned for how you can come and see our one act plays - JJ